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LCD DIPSTICK INSTALLATION 1. Remove the original equipment (OE) dipstick from the filler neck. 2. Non-threaded Dipsticks: Lightly oil the O-ring on the new LCD dipstick. Orient the dipstick so that the display window is horizontal and readable from left to right, with the Bar and Shield logo to the left (towards the rear of the motorcycle). Push the dipstick straight into the filler neck until it seats. 3. For threaded dipsticks: Lightly oil O-ring and screw into the transmission like OE dipstick. If the orientation of the display is unsatisfactory when fully seated, refer to Adjusting the Display Angle later in these instructions. NOTE To be sure of correct readings, the dipstick MUST seat firmly against the flange. LCD DIPSTICK USE AND CARE Removing the Dipstick The dipstick assembly must be removed from the filler neck to add oil or to service the internal battery. Displaying the Oil Temperature and Level See Figure 1. Press and release the rubber button on the front face to display the temperature of the oil in the oil tank in degrees Fahrenheit (°F), and the oil level. The display will automatically shut off after approximately ten seconds. Do not overfill oil tank. Doing so can result in oil carryover to the air cleaner leading to equipment damage and/or equipment malfunction. (00190a) NOTES Oil level cannot be accurately measured: • on a cold engine • with the motorcycle upright • with the engine running NOTE Oil level on 2000 through 2004 Softail models with the original dipstick is checked with the motorcycle standing upright (not leaning on the jiffy stand). THIS IS NOT THE CASE with the LCD oil temperature/level dipstick. For all 2000 and later Softail models, oil level inspection must be done with the motorcycle LEANING ON the jiffy stand, on level ground. For pre-ride oil level inspection: With the motorcycle on level ground, RESTING ON the jiffy stand : •The oil level should be as indicated in Figure 1, display 4 through 8 (bars showing oil level, and “COLD OIL” message followed by flashing oil temperature) when the engine is cold. DO NOT ADD OIL to bring the level to the FULL mark on the dipstick of a COLD engine. •If the oil level indicates as in display 9 (animated level bars, followed by an “888 NO SENSOR” code), the wires inside the dipstick may be disconnected or damaged. Refer to Replacing the Battery later in these instructions to separate the dipstick upper and lower assemblies. If the small plug next to the battery has become dislodged from the receptacle, plug it in. If a visible wire is damaged, a repair can be attempted. If no damage is visible, the dipstick is damaged internally and should be replaced. For oil level inspection at operating temperature: Ride the motorcycle until the engine is at normal operating temperature. Idle for 1-2 minutes with the motorcycle on level ground, RESTING ON the jiffy stand (except Softails) , turn the engine OFF.

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