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INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect turn signal wires at connectors located in directional bar. On 1994 and later models there are two wires for each turn signal lamp. Earlier models have only 1 wire per lamp. 2. Remove existing directional bar from motorcycle. Save all hardware for reattachment. If the turn signal connector is too large to be removed from the directional bar, remove the wires from the connector as follows: Bend back the connector latches on the sides of the connector slightly to free the secondary lock. Rotate the secondary lock outward on hinge to access terminals in chambers of connector housing. With a paper clip sharpened to a chisel point, insert the paper clip into the connector housing cavity until it stops. Pivot the end of the paper clip and gently tug on the wire to pull the terminal from the cavity. Do not tug on the wire until the tang that holds the terminal in the cavity is released. Take your time, a few tries may be required before you develop a feel for releasing the terminal from the connector. 3. Remove screws that mount turn signals lamps to existing directional bar. Remove lamps and turn signal wires (with their attached connector halves) from existing bar. 1 2 3 4 is02199 1. Ground wire 2. Hold lamp in place 3. Backing plate 4. Self-tapping screw Figure 1. Remove Backing Plate 4. See Figure 1. For each end of new directional bar, remove self-tapping screw that holds corner of backing plate and ground wire in place and remove backing plate. 1 2 is 02200 1. Hold lamp in place with this screw 2. Turn signal connector(s) are behind LED Figure 2. Assembling Directional Bar 5. See Figure 2. For each end of bar, place turn signal lamp in position with wires routed as shown. Move LED light out of the way and thread 5/32 inch Allen socket screw into lamp to hold lamp in place. Tighten screw.

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