Harley-Davidson Mid Kit POWERLET Installation Instructions


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STEP #1 Remove seat. STEP #2 Route wires starting at the battery end and finishing at the bracket. STEP #3 Connect the wires to the socket. STEP #4 Mount the bracket on the horn bracket located under the gas tank. STEP #5 Fasten ty-wraps. STEP #6 Put everything you took off back on. Detailed Instruction: STEP #1 -Remove the seat exposing the battery. See the owner’s manual. STEP #2 – Remove negative battery lead. Remove the positive battery lead and attach the red wire [B]. Attach the black wire to the gas tank bolt [C]. Run the wires below the gas tank by passing through the gap between the frame & gas tank [D]. STEP #3 – Finish routing the wire under the tank and up to the horn bracket. Install the fuse in the fuse-holder. The center terminal is plus and the outer ring is negative (see dwg below). Apply either dielectric grease or Vaseline to the spade terminals. Connect the red wire to the positive spade terminal & the black wire to the negative terminal. Use a voltmeter to check if the polarity is correct. STEP #4 – On the left side of the bike, under the gas tank, locate the horn and bracket. Remove the acorn nut from the bracket [A]. You may need to remove the second nut also. Attach the Powerlet bracket utilizing the supplied chrome & rubber washers (if necessary). Adjust the bracket so it is aligned. Tighten to 8 Nm. STEP #5 – Apply the three ty-wraps. Use one to secure the fuse-holder and the other near point [D] and the third near the socket. Do NOT allow the harness to directly contact the motor or exhaust

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