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This passenger footpeg mounting kit fits 1993 and later FLT, FLHT, FLHS, and FLHR model motorcycles. See Service Parts illustration below for items contained in this kit.Installation 1. On each side of the motorcycle, remove the socket head capscrew and lockwasher that attaches each footboard bracket and footboard to motorcycle. Remove both footboard brackets along with their footboards. 2. See Service Parts illustration. Place each footpeg support (2-right side, 3-left side) in position (the supports can be installed in one of two different height positions to suit passenger preference) and securely fasten to motorcycle with lockwasher and capscrew removed in step 1. 3. Install footpegs (sold separately) on each footpeg support using capscrews (1), spring washers (4), and locknuts (5). The spring washer goes between the jaws of the footpeg supports along with the mounting end of the footpeg. Tighten hardware securely. NOTE If footpeg supports are properly installed, footpegs will point 45˚ (from vertical) toward rear of motorcycle. Footpegs must fold up at a 45˚ angle (from vertical) toward rear of motorcycle. This angle allows footpegs to fold up if they accidentally strike the ground when making a sharp turn. Failure to install footpegs with the proper fold-up angle could result in death or serious injury.

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