Harley Davidson Power Pod Switch Housing Throttle Bracket Installation Instructions


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Attach the “Y” bracket to the Power Pod by using the two Power Pod socket head screws that come in your parts kit. (This bracket may already be attached from the factory. ) 2) Remove the two screws on the Right Hand switch housing on your Harley Davidson motorcycle and reinstall them through the two “Y” bracket open holes and back into the switch housing holes. Tighten snugly. In this mounting position, the heads of the two socket head screws holding the “Y” bracket to the Power Pod should be touching the handlebar; this is necessary as it grounds the unit for proper operation. If the unit is not grounded properly, it will not operate. 3) Run the Power Pod’s 60″ power cord to your battery. Make sure as you hide the cord on the way to the battery, that your handlebars turn freely and that the cord does not come in contact with hot engine parts that may melt the wire over time. 4) At some point, before reaching the battery, attach (using the two butt connectors) the in-line fuse holder. TIP: Keeping the in-line fuse holder in an easy to access place (like under a side panel etc) rather than under the seat, may help you service the fuse easier in case of a blown fuse. In most cases, it’s easier to pull a side panel off than it is to remove a seat! 5) Attach the Power Pod lead wire (with in-line fuse now already attached) directly to the battery for power at anytime without using the key. The hot lead can also be run to the fuse box which will require using the ignition switch to “Accessory” or “ON” in some cases. TIP : Always use the in-line fuse for safety. 6) Insert the 20 amp fuse into the in-line fuse holder. Strap down with zip-ties any loose wires and you’re done!

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