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INSTALLATION Template Positioning (Rack Installation WITH SPOILER only) The location of the luggage rack has a direct relationship to the location of the Tour-Pak® Spoiler. The template (7) included in this kit will locate the luggage rack in the correct position for the current or future installation of a Tour-Pak Spoiler. NOTE A template is not required if installing rack without spoiler. 1. If a spoiler is already installed, or if the installation of a Tour-Pak-mounted spoiler may be desired in the future, cut the template along the appropriate line. 2. Carefully place the trimmed template on top of the Tour- Pak, aligning the edges of the template with the top surface of the Tour-Pak lid. Tape the template to the lid in the desired location. The template will help to properly locate the rack so that a spoiler may be added in the future. Rack Installation on Tour-Pak 1. ALL installations: Open the lid, and remove all loose contents from the Tour-Pak. 2. See Figure 1. Slip the mounting pads (2) onto each of the mounting bosses (B) of the luggage rack (1). NOTES Kit 53665-87: Position rack with wide upright toward rear of vehicle. Kit 91793-85: Position rack with upright toward rear of vehicle. Carefully center the rack from left to right, and position the rack squarely on the lid for best appearance. Do not mount the rack too far forward to avoid contact with the backrest pad. 3. Position the rack on the Tour-Pak lid in the desired loca- tion. 4. Carefully raise the rack, and place masking tape (A) on the Tour-Pak lid where the four mounting bosses contact the cover. 5. Lower the rack onto the tape in the location chosen in Step 3. Using a soft lead pencil on the masking tape strips, trace a circle around each mounting boss. Remove the rack, and use a ruler to mark the exact center position of each mounting boss on the tape. 6. Drill four 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) diameter pilot holes through the masking tape and Tour-Pak lid at each mounting boss center position. Use a 9/32 inch (7 mm) diameter bit to drill the finish holes. 7. Remove the masking tape

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