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INSTALLATION 1. Remove existing rear wheel assembly. Save axle, axle nut, brake disc and wheel spacers for kit installation. Refer to the service manual. NOTES Prior to removing or installing the wheel, the rear brake caliper must be removed. The cotter pin or spring clip for the axle nut must be replaced. They are available for purchase from a Harley-Davidson dealer. Do not re-use brake disc screws. Re-using disc screws can result in torque loss and damage to rotor and/or brake assembly. (00319b) Do not re-use sprocket mounting screws. Re-using sprocket mounting screws can result in torque loss and damage to the sprocket and/or belt assembly. (00480b) 2. See Figure 1. Install valve stem assembly (E) on wheel. Refer to the service manual. 3. Assemble wheel installation kit components, stock brake disc, and sprocket to wheel using the appropriate service parts table. Refer to the service manual. NOTES Install the primary bearing first, following the instructions in the service manual and using the WHEEL BEARING REMOVER/INSTALLER. The machined grooves in the hub face indicate the primary bearing side. 4. Install rear wheel (1), stock axle, and stock spacers to motorcycle. Refer to the service manual. MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING NOTE This wheel assembly includes plugs that have been installed in the openings between the brake disc mounting holes on one side of the wheel and in the compensator bowl of the 16×5 inch wheel. Missing or damaged plugs can be replaced using Wheel Plug Kit (44459-04) or individual plug (43871-09 – 16×5 inch wheel). Chrome parts must be maintained regularly so they keep their original shine and luster. 1. Clean heavily-soiled wheel surfaces using Harley-Davidson Wheel and Tire Cleaner, applied with Harley Wheel and Spoke Brush. 2. Thoroughly clean chrome with a good quality chrome cleaner, such as Harley Bright Chrome Cleaner. 3. After cleaning and polishing, seal the finish with a good quality sealer, such as Harley Glaze Polish and Sealant

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