Harley Davidson Road Rod Saddle Bag System Kit INSTALLATION Instructions


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Use locktite on all fasteners!! 2. Put bike on lift and place jack under frame. Raise bike to lift rear wheel. 3. If swing arm pivot shaft is drilled and tapped on each end, they need to be redrilled and tapped to 3/8-16 to a depth of _” deep. If you are unable to drill & tap your swing arm pivot shaft, you can purchase one from Cycle Visions (part #CV6121), See Harley Davidson® V-Rod® Service Manual Section 2, Page 2.89 for removal and installation instructions. 4. Remove seat, passenger seat, turn signal module, rear fender cover, turn signal license plate assembly, and rear foot peg assemblies. NOTE: Our bag system will not work with stock exhaust system… we recommend the 2-into-1 Supertrap, or you may use any exhaust system that is lower than the rear axle bolt. 5. Remove the two upper shock bolts. Relocate the shock spacer from the right side to the left side, and use the new spacer supplied on the right side. 6. Install front bag mount between frame and spacer (see Figure 1), reinstall shock bolts and torque to 31-50 lbs. 7. Install lower bag support frame to swing arm pivot shaft using the 3/8″ bolt through rear foot peg clevis and cover (see in Figure 2). NOTE: There is a right and left covers and bag support, install accordingly. Torque to 35 foot lbs. 8. Install rear fender front mounting tabs using 8mm 1.25 x _ and flat washers (supplied in kit) (see Figure 3). 9. Install upright saddlebag support brackets to the lower bag mount assembly and lower fender extension crossover mount. (see Figure 4). Torque to 25 lbs. NOTE: Install crossover mount with gusset facing down. 10. Remove license plate light from your rear turn signal bracket license plate assembly. Install license plate light on our license plate light bracket (see Figure 5). 11. Install the license plate bracket on the inside of the rear fender extension using the top holes of the license plate frame (see Figure 6 & 7). 12. Install fender washers on the inside of the fender extension (see Figure 8). 13. Install upper fender bracket to rear fender extension with a _-20 bolt supplied in kit (see Figure 9). 14. Install rear fender extension with chrome button fitted bolts. (see Figure 10 & 11). 15. To check alignment and fit of rear fender extension reinstall original rear fender. Once you have everything lined up and fitted, remove original rear fender, drill & tap (2) two 5/16 x 18 holes in rear fender support bracket (see Figure 12). 16. Install Harley Davidson® Part #70909-95 and 47449-97 bracket and receptacle on front and rear bag supports (see Figure 13 & 14). 17. Install Harley Davidson® Part #47449-97 bracket with receptable (see Figure 14). Make sure the bolts come from the inside out. This bracket is adjustable for location.

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