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Installation NOTE The installation procedure is divided into three parts: 1) Replacing ECM (1996 and earlier models ONLY) 2) Calibrating the ECM 3) Replacing stock air cleaner with air cleaner from kit. 1) REPLACING ECM (1996 and earlier models ONLY) 1. Refer to the REMOVAL/REPLACEMENT section 9C in the 1995-1996 FLT Service Manual, Part No. 99483- 96A. 2. Install ECM in accordance with the installation procedure given in the Service Manual. 2) CALIBRATING THE ECM Have dealer recalibrate the ECM prior to starting vehicle. NOTE The product information (EO) label contained in this kit is required in the state of California only. This label is required to aid in passing the California Smog Check Program. Place the information label on the right side of the frame directly beneath the VIN sticker. Do not place the label over other product information labels. Do not place the label on motorcycles other than those specified in the instruction sheet. 3) REPLACING STOCK AIR CLEANER Removing Stock Air Cleaner NOTE Refer to the applicable Service Manual and check the warm- slow idle speed adjustment before removing stock backplate. 1. Remove stock backplate following the instructions given in the appropriate Service Manual. 2. See Service Parts Illustration. Retain stock air cleaner cover and buttonhead screw and washer. Installing High Performance Air Cleaner 1. See Service Parts Illustration. Locate banjo bolts (10) included with kit. Place one washer (11) over each banjo bolt. Insert bolts through holes in mounting bracket (15). Place a second washer over each bolt. Place manifold breather (16) over bolts with hose fitting toward rear of motorcycle. Install remaining washers over the ends of bolts

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