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The 40101-80 kit, with a 126 tooth belt, fits: •1980-1986 FXB and 1984-1986 FXWG models This kit may also be used on 1989-1992 international Softail models with a 127 tooth belt. The 40171-97 kit, with a 130 tooth belt, fits: •1995 and later domestic Softail models •1994 and later international Softail models •1994 and later international Dyna models The 40109-86 kit, with a 132 tooth belt, fits •1986-1992 and 1994 domestic Softail models •1989-1993 international FLT and FXR models This kit may also be used on the following models with 133 tooth belts: •1991 and later domestic Dyna models •1991-1992 international Dyna models •1994-1995 international FLT models The 40100-85 kit, with a 136 tooth belt, fits: •1985-1994 domestic FXR models •1985-1996 domestic FLT models •1996 international FLT models The 40112-97 kit, with a 139 tooth belt fits •1997 FLT models Installation 1. Put transmission in ‘Neutral’. 2. Loosen rear axle nut. Loosen rear axle adjuster nut on each side of motorcycle, and move rear wheel to full forward position. 3. Remove the damaged/broken belt. 4. Inspect sprockets and belt guard for damage and/or debris. Remove any debris. If sprockets and belt guard are not damaged, proceed with the installation. 5. See Figure 1. Remove belt guard. 6. See Figure 2. Install feeder strip on emergency belt. Feed strip around transmission sprocket in a counterclockwise direction over frame cross support.

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