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FL Touring models equipped with a TLE/ TLE Ultra Sidecar will require the additional installation of a Bank Angle Switch Kit (88115-03) and is available for separate purchase. See a Harley-Davidson dealer.INSTALLATION 1. Remove the original equipment (OE) Turn Signal Module (TSM) or Body Control Module (BCM) following the instructions in the service manual. 2. Install the Bank Angle Sensor (BAS) on sidecar vehicles. 3. Install the new turn signal/security module (TSSM) (7), Hands Free Security Module (HFSM) (1) or BCM (9, 11) from this kit, following the instructions in the service manual. Configure the Trike or sidecar TSSM, HFSM or BCM to “Side Car Enabled” using Digital Technician. 4. Install the Hands Free Security Module (HFSM) Antenna and antenna mount (6) if necessary, using the service manual instructions. Be sure that all lights and switches operate properly before operating motorcycle. Low visibility of rider can result in death or serious injury. (00316a) ACTUATION 1. See a Harley-Davidson dealer to activate the key fob to the TSSM, HFSM or BCM. NOTE You can activate the TSSM fob by referring to the procedure in the electrical diagnostic manual. TRIKE AND SIDECAR CONFIGURATION (FL TOURING MODELS ONLY) Only Touring Harley-Davidson Motorcycles are suitable for sidecar use. Consult a Harley-Davidson dealer. Use of motorcycles other than Touring models with sidecars could result in death or serious injury. (00040a) NOTES FL Touring Models equipped with TLE/TLE-Ultra Sidecar require the installation of a Bank Angle Sensor (88115-03). Failure to install and configure a Bank Angle Sensor may result in death or serious injury. Sidecar and Trike configuration of the security system requires the use of a Digital Technician. Consult your Harley-Davidson dealer or the sidecar or Trike service manual for complete details. On vehicles equipped with a sidecar, the security system must be reconfigured from the default solo vehicle setting to the sidecar setting

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