Harley-Davidson Six Speed Transmissions FLH 2009 Up Champion Reverse Gear Installation Instructions


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Preparation Remove Original Parts From Vehicle. 2.1 Purchase a small tube of Loctite #262 (red) for use later. 2.2 To torque the large gear: 2.2.1 Purchase Snap-On (or equivalent) filter tool. Part #: FWA62121. OR 2.2.2 Purchase Champion special tool – Part # RG-100-100 2.3 Drain the transmission oil. 2.4 Remove front and rear exhaust header pipe. 2.5 Remove the clutch release cover (right side). 2.6 Remove throw out bearing assembly. (to be reinstalled later without modification) 2.7 Remove the two nuts from the main and counter transmission shafts. WARNING : Do not attempt to push shafts into gearbox or remove the trap door – This can cause spacers inside the gearbox to be miss-aligned and lock up the gearbox when gears are installed and tightened. 2.8 Remove clutch push rod (to be replaced w/ Champion supplied rod) Note: For hydraulic clutch bikes, obtain Champion Part # RG-100-082, a longer push rod) Snap-On Part No: FWA62121 Snap-On Part No: FWA62121 Champion Part No: RG-100-100 Reverse Gear Installation Instructions Harley-Davidson Six Speed Transmission HD FLH 2009 Up Page 3 of 5 Revision 2 Boring Tool 3 Installation 3.1 Thoroughly clean threads of main and counter shafts using a silicon remover. 3.2 Apply the green thread locking compound (supplied) to main shaft threads and screw the small gear onto the main shaft. Figure 1 3.3 Install the supplied (ear)plug into the main shaft hole. To be removed later. 3.4 Install the supplied special tool to the small gear. Ensure the holes of the special tool align with the holes in the small gear. Figure 2 3.5 Install torque wrench to special tool and torque the small gear to 80 lb. ft. 3.6 Remove torque wrench from special tool. Do not remove special tool from small gear. 3.7 Using the supplied boring tool and the special tool as a guide, drill the main shaft through two holes of the special tool as shown. Stop when cutter contacts bearing race. Figure 3 3.8 Remove special tool, leaving main shaft plug in place, and thoroughly clean out the holes. Use care to ensure debris does not enter transmission. 3.9 Remove plug from main shaft hole. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Note: To prevent gears from rotating during torque procedures, engage transmission into 1st gear and apply brakes Note: Frequently stop cutting and remove bit from hole to clean bit and vacuum debris from hole

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