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INSTALLATION Perform this installation when the engine is cool. Working on or near the exhaust system when the engine is hot could result in severe burns. (00311a) 1. Block the motorcycle underneath the frame so the weight of the vehicle is off of the rear wheel, but do not raise the rear wheel off the ground. 2. Some models require loosening or removal of the muffler or mufflers in order to remove the rear axle. See the EXHAUST SYSTEM REMOVAL section of the Service Manual. Remove the saddlebags if desired for extra working clearance. See SADDLEBAG REMOVAL in the Service Manual. 3. See Figure 1. Remove the original axle adjustment bolts (1) and jam nuts (2) from both sides of the motorcycle and discard. NOTE On a bike that has been previously serviced, ensure that the axle has not been removed and re-installed from the left side (with the castle nut to the right of the wheel). If it has, the axle MUST be inserted from the right side of the motorcycle. 4. Remove the retaining pin (7), castle nut (5) and washer (4) from the left side of the axle (6). Discard the washer, but save the pin and nut for later re-assembly. 5 7 1 4 6 2 3 is04101 1. Axle adjust bolt 2. Jam nut 3. Axle adjuster collar 4. Washer 5. Castle nut 6. Rear axle 7. Retaining pin Figure 1. Rear Axle Hardware (Left Side Shown) 5. Tap the axle toward the right side of the motorcycle and remove. The belt adjuster collars (3) will fall loose as the axle is removed. The collars can be discarded. The wheel bearing spacers may also fall loose or be dislodged. Be sure to return these to their original position on the vehicle (short spacer on the right side, long spacer on the left). 6. Inspect axle components for damage or excessive wear, and replace as required

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