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EXHAUST SYSTEM REMOVAL READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING 1. Under the oil tank on the right hand side, locate the rear O² sensor connector. Unplug sensor and feed the end of wire through the frame freeing it from motorcycle. NOTE: Pay attention to wire routing for re-installation. 2. Open the plastic cover above the rectifier on front of the frame to access to the front O² sensor connector. Unplug sensor from harness. Remove ZIPSTRIP holding wire to frame and feed the wire through freeing it from motorcycle. 3. On floorboard equipped models, loosen the right hand floorboard mounting bolts to gain clearance for exhaust removal and installation. 4. Loosen the heat shield clamps on both front and rear exhaust pipes. 5. Remove the mounting nuts from each head pipe, located at the cylinder head. 6. Remove the nuts attaching the exhaust mount bracket to the frame. 7. On FLSTD and FLSTF models, you will need to remove the right side passenger foot peg and hanger, as this is attached to the exhaust mount bracket. Replace the passenger foot peg assembly using the BOLT 14 Allen bolt (supplied). 8. Remove the entire exhaust system and set it aside. 9. Remove the two lower mounting studs from the frame See figure 1 . Recommended replacement exhaust port gaskets, H-D P/N: 65324-83A. 10. Carefully remove exhaust port flanges and circlips from the stock exhaust system using snapring pliers. See figure 2 . NOTE: Replace bent or damaged circlips. Check exhaust port gasket condition. 11. Remove O² sensors from stock head pipe and set aside for re-installation on your new RUSH exhaust system. PAGE 1 OF 4 RUSH RACING PRODUCTS EXHAUST SYSTEM INSTALLATION P/N 7020 – 7120 BEFORE INSTALLATION PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS 1. Remove header and heat shields from protective packaging. Place each heat shield on a non-abrasive surface such as a blanket or carpet. Using a felt tip pen, mark outside edge of each heat shield to show location of mounting clips that hose clamps will loop through See figure 3. 2. Apply a small amount of anti-seize compound to the threads of the O² sensors and install them into the new head pipe. NOTE: Be careful not to get anti-seize on sensor tip, it may affect sensor function. 3. Install circlips and flanges from stock system onto the new head pipe See Figure 2. Note: Replace circlips if bent or damaged 4. Attach BRKT-007 to frame using two BOLT 12 Tighten to factory specs. 5. Install complete assembly into exhaust ports (rear port first). Use stock flange nuts, Do Not Tighten .

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