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TOUR-PAK LUGGAGE INSTALLATION TO RACK 1. Open the lid and, if necessary, remove all items from inside the Tour-Pak luggage.  Remove the rubber mat from the luggage floor. 2. If holes ARE NOT pre-drilled in the floor of the luggage,       see Figure 1. To prevent damage to the leather while drilling, place blocks of wood underneath the Tour-Pak luggage at the drilling sites.  Use the four inboard holes (3) in the metal base of the luggage (2) as a guide, and carefully drill four 11/32 inch (9 mm)  holes through the floor of the luggage. 1 2 3 is04249 1. Front of motorcycle 2. Tour-Pak 3. Drill four 11/32 inch (9 mm) diameter holes Figure 1.  Drill Attachment Hole Locations in Tour-Pak NOTE See Figure 3. When installing the luggage to the rack in the following steps, note that holes in the luggage rack (2) provide forward (A) and rearward (B) positions for mounting the lug- gage. 3. Place the luggage on the luggage rack.  Align the holes in the luggage mounting plate with the forward or rearward holes in the rack. 4. ALL applications: Obtain the hex head cap screws (9), lock nuts (11) and plain washers (10) from the kit. Place a washer over the threads of each screw, and insert the screw threads, from the inside, through the Tour-Pak luggage mounting plate and floor, and into the holes in the rack. NOTE Always install the mounting screws from inside the luggage.  If the screws are installed from the bottom, the screw ends can tear the rubber mat and scratch objects, such as helmets, stored inside the luggage. 5. From the underside of the rack, install a washer and lock nut onto the threads of each screw.  In a crosswise pattern, incrementally tighten each screw to 19 ft-lbs (25 Nm) . 6. Install the rubber mat into the luggage.  Close and latch the lid. 7. If not already in place, install the Detachable Docking Hardware Kit to the vehicle per the instructions in that kit

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