Harley Davidson Softail Drive Side Brake System Installation Manual


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Removing The Stock Components Although the PM Drive Side Brake System can be installed with the swing arm bolted to the frame, we recommend removing it for better access as well as repainting. Begin by removing rear wheel,stock brake components and belt guard from swing arm. Photo #1 Using supplied 3/4 x 2″bolt,position Drive Side BrakeAssembly on swing arm. Slide assembly to center position of tab and axle spans. Making sure brake mounting tabs are flush with swing arm,snug 3/4 x 2″ bolt to hold assembly and mark swing arm area to be ground Photo #2 . Remove entire assembly from swing arm and thoroughly grind paint away from marked areas Photo #3 . Photo #4 Re-mount assembly to swing arm and slide to rear-most position of both axle and brake mounting tabs. Confirm that brake tabs are flush with swing arm and parallel to each other. Snug 3/4 x 2″bolt and 5/16″socket head cap screws in tabs to hold assembly during welding process. Warning Center the motorcycle on the lift so that it will not fall while you are working on it. Photo #6 Photo #5 Photo #7 Photo #9 Welding Tabs to Swing Arm Note PM recommends all welding be done by a certified welder. Photo #5 Tack weld rear of tabs to swing arm. Avoid excessive welding near brake as- sembly as heat can mar finish. Loosen socket head cap screws and 3/4″bolt,Slide entire assembly to forward most position and re tighten bolts Photo #6 (movement should require minimal effort if tabs are aligned properly) and tack front of tabs to swing arm. Remove brake assembly from swing arm. Weld tabs to swing arm.Verify alignment of tabs, as they must remain parallel to each other. Repaint swing arm and re-install on bike to factory torque specs. Installing Brake Assembly Remove primary bracket from tower assembly (this allows bracket to be installed without having to line up caliper on disc) by removing the three 5/16″socket head cap screws (commonly called allen bolts). Photo #7 Mount rear tire and bolt pulley to rear wheel. Place disassembled bracket against pulley using smaller of two supplied spacers between bracket and pulley. Slide wheel/brake assembly into swing arm. Place large spacer on right side and slide axle in. Do not tighten axle at this point . Photo #8 Slide caliper/tower assembly over disc and install 5/16″x 1″socket head cap screw in center hole to position assembly Photo #9 . Snug, but do not tighten bolt at this point.

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