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This instruction sheet references Service Manual information. A Service Manual for your model motorcycle is required for this installation and is available from a Harley-Davidson Dealer. Kit Contents See Figure 2 and Table 1. INSTALLATION 1. Position the vehicle on a motorcycle lift table. To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove maxi-fuse before proceeding. (00251a) 2. Refer to the Service Manual and follow the instructions given to remove the Maxi® Fuse. 3. Raise the vehicle on the lift table to allow access to the lower front portion of the frame. 2008+ 2007 7 8 11 3 3 4 4 12 5 5 1 1 9 2 2 10 6 6 9 9 11 13 is02652c 8. 1. Two-pin voltage regulator connector (2007 only) Voltage regulator 2. 9. Voltage regulator attaching screws (2) Cable strap (2 for 2007, 1 for 2008 and later) 10. 3. Lower voltage regulator cover (2007 only) Voltage regulator bracket 4. 11. Bracket screw to engine crankcase (2) Oxygen sensor connector 12. 5. Crank position sensor connector (2007 only) Voltage regulator caddy 6. 13. Voltage regulator caddy cover Horn connectors (some 2008 and later models) 7. Four-pin voltage regulator connector (2007 only) Figure 1. Original Equipment Voltage Regulator  NOTE For 2007 models: The ground wire on the voltage regulator must be re-attached at the original location when re-installing the voltage regulator to ensure adequate ground. 4. For ALL models: See Figure 1. Remove and discard the voltage regulator caddy cover (6) from the regulator bracket (3) and caddy (5). For 2007 models: In addition, remove the lower voltage regulator cover (10). 5. Remove and retain the hex socket head screw (4) at the top left of the bracket For 2007 models: In addition, disconnect the ground wire. Free the cable straps (9) from the regulator bracket, beneath the regulator. 6. Remove the two hex socket head screws with washers (2) retaining the voltage regulator to the bracket. Remove and save the regulator, but discard the screws. 7. Remove and retain the screw (4) at the top right of the regulator bracket. Remove the bracket from the engine. 8. For 2008 and later models: Free the strap (9) that ties the jiffy stand wiring to the voltage regulator bracket. Unfasten the three-way jiffy stand sensor connector and the two-way crank position sensor connector [79] (12) from the T-studs on the back of the regulator bracket (3). Discard the bracket. Disconnect both plugs from the back of the voltage regulator (1). For 2007 models: Unfasten the four-way (7) and two-way (8) voltage regulator connectors from the T-studs on the back of the regulator bracket (3), and discard the bracket. Disconnect the voltage regulator (1) at both connectors. 9. For 2008 and later models: Unclip the two-way O 2 (oxygen) sensor electrical connector [138] (11) from the voltage regulator caddy (5). For 2007 models: Unfasten the two-way crank position sensor connector [79] (12) from the voltage regulator caddy (5). Remove the caddy from the vehicle frame. a. For 2007 models: Unclamp the bottom of the caddy from the engine mount spacers. b. For ALL models: Unhook the top clips from around the tabs on the front of the engine casting. Remove the original equipment (O.E.) caddy from the vehicle frame, and discard it.

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