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Installation While handling and installing tool box, be careful not to scratch surface. 1. See Service Parts Illustration. Install tool box (1) to mounting bracket (6) using button head screws (2) and washers (5). Screws (2) should be inserted through mounting holes on inside of tool box (1) and then inserted through bracket (6) holes and threaded into weld nuts attached to bracket. 2. Remove and save the two screws that secure left rear fender support to motorcycle frame. 3. Remove two bolts, nuts, and washers that secure debris deflector to motorcycle frame. This will allow you to move debris deflector out of the way when installing new passenger footpeg support bolt. Save hardware for reinstallation. 4. For 1990 to 1999 Softails: If tool box is being installed with passenger footpeg, remove the hex head bolt and left passenger footpeg. Retain footpeg and lockwasher for reinstallation. Discard bolt . If tool box is being installed without passenger footpeg, remove hex head bolt and left passenger footpeg. Discard footpeg. Retain bolt and lockwasher. For 2000 and later Softails: See page 3 . Remove footrest from clevis. Remove clevis from frame by removing cap screw from center of clevis. If tool box is installed with footpegs, keep all hardware. If toolbox is to be installed with footboards, discard hardware. 5. Slide top of mounting bracket (6) between rear fender support and frame. Align top holes in bracket with fender support holes. Align lower bracket hole with footpeg mounting hole in frame. Install the two screws, removed in Step 2, in fender support. Do not tighten screws at this time. 6. For 1990 to 1999 Softails: Place lockwasher retained in step 4 on footpeg support hex head bolt (3) from kit. CAUTION 1 of 3 For 2000 and later Softails with footpegs: Install kit 49352-00 according to instructions included in this kit. Footpeg must fold up at a 45┬░angle (from vertical) toward rear of motorcycle. This angle allows footpeg to fold up if, by accident, it strikes the ground surface when making a sharp turn. Failure to set footpeg to the proper fold-up angle could result in death or serious injury. 7. For 1990 to 1999 Softails: Position footpeg so it folds up and back at a 45┬░angle. Install bolt (3) from kit through frame, tool box bracket (6), and spacer (4), into footpeg, as shown. NOTE If vehicle is equipped with saddlebag support bracket, Part No. 90346-90 or 90346-94, position saddlebag support bracket between tool box bracket and spacer.

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