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INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 1. Install the oil cooler (2) to the frame with three clamps (4), three socket head screws (1), three nuts (5) and six washers (3) from the kit. Orient the clamps flat side forward and on the forward side of the oil cooler. Tighten the three oil cooler mounting screws to 96-120 in- lbs (10.9-13.5 Nm) . 2. See Figure 2. Remove the spin-on oil filter and oil filter adapter (1) from oil filter mount location. Clean the oil filter mounting area thoroughly. Discard oil filter and adapter. 1 3 4 4 4 3 5 2 is03387 1. Socket head screw (3) 2. Oil cooler 3. Washer (6) 4. Clamp (3) 5. Locknut (3) Figure 1. Oil Cooler Clamp Installation NOTE The oil cooler adapter assembly has two flanges protruding out of the back side. The flanges must be installed toward the oil filter mounting location and through the oil adapter gasket. 3. See Figure 3. From the kit, install the oil cooler adapter gasket (3) onto the oil cooler adapter assembly (1). The oil cooler adapter assembly flanges should be aligned so it is installed into the oil adapter cooler gasket cutout as shown. NOTE Due to the locating flanges, the oil cooler adapter assembly and gasket will only install properly in one position on the oil filter mounting surface. 4. See Figure 3. Install the oil cooler adapter assembly and gasket onto the oil filter mounting surface of the engine with the mounting fitting (2). Ensure adapter locates properly in the mounting surface. Ensure the raised lip of the mounting fitting faces the adapter assembly. Tighten mounting fitting to 12-16 ft-lbs (16.3-21.7 Nm) .NOTE Slide hose clamps from the kit onto the hoses prior to installa- tion. 1 2 is00754 1. Oil filter adapter 2. Oil filter seal surface Figure 2. Stock Filter Mounting Adapter 1 2 3 is00761 1. Oil cooler adapter assembly 2. Mounting fitting 3. Oil cooler adapter gasket Figure 3. Install Oil Adapter 5. See Figure 5. Obtain the left side cooler hose (4) and right side cooler hose (5) from kit. Follow the markings on hoses to connect onto the oil cooler and oil cooler adapter, as shown. 6. Fasten hoses to oil cooler adapter and oil cooler with worm drive clamps (6). Tighten clamps to 8.0 in-lbs (0.9 Nm) . 7. Lubricate a new oil filter’s seal with new engine oil. Thread filter on until seal touches mounting surface, then turn an additional 1/2 to 3/4 turn. NOTE Position the clamps to avoid interference with oil filter installation. Check that hose routing is clear of the oil filter and sharp edges. The hoses must be free of bends or kinks that could obstruct oil flow. 8. Ensure all cables and harnesses are clear of the oil cooler adapter, in order to prevent wear. 9. Thoroughly clean the oil cooler of all dirt, grease and wax with isopropyl alcohol. Use the alcohol to clean the chrome oil cooler cover as needed. Allow to dry. is00745 Figure 4. Apply Sealant Inside Chrome Cover 10. See Figure 4. Apply sealant to the inside of the chrome cover as shown, at the upper and lower corners. NOTES Be careful to avoid getting sealant on the oil cooler cooling fins. Do not operate the motorcycle for 24 hours to allow the sealant to fully cure. 11. Slip the cover over the oil cooler. Remove any excess sealant from the front and back of the oil cooler. Hold the cover firmly in place for one minute. System Flow Test 2005 & Later Models or Models with Later Style Dipsticks Oil level cannot be accurately measured on a cold engine. For pre-ride inspection, with motorcycle leaning on jiffy stand on level ground, oil should register on dipstick between arrows when engine is cold. Do not add oil to bring the level to the FULL mark on a COLD engine. (00185a) 2004 & Earlier Models

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