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1. Under the oil tank on the right hand side, locate the rear O2 sensor connector. Unplug sensor and feed the end of wire through the frame freeing it from motorcycle. NOTE: Pay attention to wire routing for re-installation. 2. Open the plastic cover above the rectifi er on front of the frame to gain access to the front O2 sensor connector. Unplug sensor from harness. Remove cable tie holding wire to frame and feed the end of the wire through, freeing it from motorcycle. 3. On FLSTC, FLSTF, FLSTN and FLSTSC models, loosen the right hand fl oor board mounting bolts to gain clearance for exhaust removal and installation. 4. Loosen the heat shield clamps on both front and rear exhaust pipes. 5. Remove the two mounting nuts from each head pipe, located at the cylinder head. 6. Remove the nuts attaching the exhaust mount bracket to the frame. 7. On FLSTN, FLSTF and FXSTD models, you will need to remove the right side passenger footpeg and hanger, as this is attached to the exhaust mount bracket. Remove hanger, and replace the passenger foot peg assembly using the 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ Allen bolt (supplied). 8. If equipped, unbolt the carriage bolt and clamp attached to the bracket under the right side transmission cover. 9. Remove the entire exhaust system and set it aside. 10. If equipped, remove the bracket from under the right side transmission cover. 11. Using a 7/8″ or 22mm wrench, carefully remove the O2 sensors from the stock head pipes and save for re-use with the new system. 12. Remove the two lower mounting studs from the frame (Figure 1). 13. Carefully remove exhaust port fl anges and circlips from the stock exhaust system using snapring pliers. NOTE: Replace bent or damaged circlips. Check exhaust port gasket condition. Recommended replacement exhaust port gaskets, Harley part number:17048-98 or 65324-83A

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