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HEADLAMP VISOR INSTALLATION (2004 ONLY) 1 2 is 01467 1. Headlamp 2. Headlamp bracket mounting screws Figure 1. Remove Headlamp Mounting Screws (Left Side Shown) 1. See Figure 1. While holding the headlamp (1), remove the left and right headlamp bracket mounting screws (2). 2. See Figure 5. Obtain the headlamp visor (2) from the kit. 3. See Figure 2. Orient the headlamp visor (1) between the headlamp and headlamp mounting bracket (2) and reinstall the headlamp bracket mounting screws (3) securing the visor and headlamp to the headlamp mounting bracket. 4. Refer to the Service Manual and adjust the headlamp for the correct angle. 2 1 3 is01468 1. Headlamp visor 2. Headlamp mounting bracket 3. Headlamp mounting bracket screw Figure 2. Install Visor Between Headlamp and Mounting Bracket (Left Side Shown) 1 2 3 is03212 1. “RT” or “LFT” marking 2. Hinge-pin head faces up 3. Clamp post socket faces outward Figure 3. Fork Tube Clamp and Post Identification (Right-Side Clamp Shown) WINDSHIELD INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 5. Obtain one of the lower mount kits from the windshield kit carton. Identify the fork tube clamp for right- side (RT) or left-side (LFT) installation as indicated in Figure 3. NOTE The lower grommets (4) have been pre-installed into the Lexan® windshield. 2. Insert the rounded end of the post into the socket in the fork-tube clamp, oriented as shown in Figure 5. Lining up the hole in the end of the post with the hole in the clamp. With a 3 mm hex key, fasten the post to the clamp with the flat-head screw (16) from the kit, and tighten to 6.8 Nm (60 in-lbs ). 3. Place the clamp around the correct-side fork tube with the hinge-pin head facing up. Insert the two longer screws (15) from the lower mount kit through the counterbored holes in the outboard side of the clamp, and thread the screws part-way into the tapped holes in the inboard half. 4. Position the clamp so the top surface is approximately 6 to 13 mm (1/4 to 1/2 inch) below the upper triple-tree, and the hinge pin is straight forward. With a 4 mm hex key, tighten the screws just enough to hold the clamp in posi- tion. 5. Obtain the remaining lower mount kit and repeat Steps 2 through 4 to install the clamp to the opposite fork tube. 6. Obtain the upper mount kit from the windshield kit carton. NOTE The upper grommets (4), socket assemblies (3), windshield mount caps (6) and 5 mm screws (9) have been pre-installed into the windshield. 7. Place one of the handlebar clamps (5) onto one side of the handlebar, in the straight section between the riser and the handlebar controls, oriented as shown in Figure 4. NOTE Temporarily disengage the switch harness retainer from the handlebar to allow installation of the clamp.

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