Harley Davidson Sportster 4 Piston Rear Brake Caliper installation Manual


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Installing Rear Caliper – Sportster Models Removing The Stock Brakes SPORTSTER REAR BRAKE SYSTEM 84 & UP MODELS The basic steps are the same to install a PM rear brake caliper kit on any of the late model Harley Davidson “swingarm” style motorcycles; all require the removal of the rear wheel. Using a suitable lift, raise the motorcycle high enough off the ground to allow you to remove the rear wheel assembly. PHOTO 2 W a r n i n g Center the motorcycle on the lift so that it will not fall while you are working on it. Photo 2: Remove the rear brake caliper assembly by unscrewing the 2 caliper mounting bolts that go through the caliper into the caliper mounting bracket. Lift the caliper up and off the mounting bracket and brake rotor, move the caliper back out of your working area. Don’t remove the brake line from the caliper yet; you will do this just before you are ready to hook it up to the new caliper. The brake pads are held into the caliper mounting bracket by 2 spring clips; slide the brake pads out of the mounting bracket and remove the retaining springs. PHOTO 3 Remove Cotter pin and rear axle nut, slide rear axle completely out. Photo 3: Remove nut from Right rear shock and rotate belt guard up. Slide belt off of pulley and roll rear wheel back 6 – 8″. Photo 4: Remove original caliper bracket from swingarm

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