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INSTALLATION To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect negative (-) battery cable before proceeding. (00048a) 1. Refer to the Owner’s Manual and follow the instructions given to remove the seat and disconnect the negative battery cable at the engine crankcase. Retain all seat mounting hardware. 2. Models with mid foot controls: Remove the two screws retaining the left-side rider footrest and mounting bracket assembly. 3. All models: See Figure 1. Note the installed orientation of the transmission foot shift lever to aid in re-assembly. Use a 1/4 in. hex key to remove the socket head screw (5) holding the shift lever (3 or 4) to the transmission shift lever shaft (1). Remove the lever and rubber washer (2). 4 1 5 3 2 5 is 01929 1. Transmission shift lever shaft 2. Rubber washer 3. Foot shift lever (mid control) 4. Shift lever (forward control) 5. Socket head screw Figure 1. Shift Lever Removal 4 2 3 1 is 01930 Figure 2. Primary Cover Mounting Screw Locations NOTE Remove ONLY the four screws shown. 4. See Figure 2 and Figure 3. Remove and discard the primary cover hex-socket head screws from the four locations shown. 5. Refer to CLUTCH CONTROL: REMOVAL: CLUTCH CABLE-LOWER in the Service Manual to remove the clutch cable at the lower end with these exceptions: •The negative battery cable has already been disconnected, and •On mid-control models, the rider footrest has already been removed. 6. See CLUTCH LEVER AND CLUTCH CABLE-UPPER to remove the clutch cable at the upper end. NOTE Be careful not to scratch the paint on the frame tube when removing the clips. 7. Carefully remove the two vinyl-coated spring steel clips that retain the clutch cable to the frame downtube. 8. Obtain all of the items from the kit. 9. See Figure 2. Insert a chrome screw (3), from the outside, through the hole in location 3 on the chrome trim cover. Place the thinner steel spacer (4) onto the threads of the screw from the inside of the trim cover. 10. Use a 5/32 inch hex key on the screw head, and grip one of the Nylon keeper washers (6) with a pliers. Install the washer onto the screw until several threads extend from the washer, capturing the screw and spacer on the trim cover. 11. Insert the remaining chrome screws, from the outside, through the holes in locations 1, 2 and 4 on the chrome trim cover. Place a thicker steel spacer (5) onto the threads of each screw from the inside of the trim cover. 12. Thread a Nylon keeper washer onto each of the screws as described in Step 10. 13. Position the trim cover over the primary cover with the transmission shift lever shaft extending through the clearance hole (A) in the chrome trim cover. 14. Thread one of the chrome screws into the mating primary cover mounting hole for several threads, taking care not to cross-thread the screw in the hole. 15. Carefully start the remaining screws partially into their mating holes. Continue tightening the screws in turn

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