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Remove Stock Shift Lever and Footrest Assembly 1. See Figure 1. Loosen the shift lever retaining screw (2) securing the shift lever (1) to the shifter shaft. Slide the shift lever off the splined shaft. Remove shifter peg from lever and save for installation. Discard shift lever. 2. Remove the two socket head screws (4) securing the footrest bracket (3) to the frame and remove footrest. Discard screws. 3. See Figure 6. Obtain two hole plugs (1) from kit and firmly press plugs into frame screw holes remaining from footrest removal. 4. See Figure 2. Remove the retaining ring (1) from the clevis to free the footrest clevis pin (4). Remove the clevis pin and footrest (3) from the footrest support. Save footrest for installation. Discard retaining ring, clevis pin, spring washer and footrest bracket. 1 2 4 3 is03193 1. Shift lever 2. Retaining screw 3. Footrest bracket 4. Socket head screw (2) Figure 1. Remove Shift Lever and Footrest 5 1 3 2 4 is03194 1. Retaining ring 2. Spring washer 3. Footrest 4. Clevis pin 5. Footrest bracket Figure 2. Remove Left Footrest from Support Remove Stock Brake Pedal and Footrest Assembly 1. See Figure 3. At the right footrest, remove the retaining ring (1) clevis pin (2), footrest (3) and spring washer (4). Discard all hardware but save footrest for installation. 2. Remove the exhaust to access the brake rod. Follow the instructions in the appropriate Service Manual. 3. Remove brake rod (5) from brake pedal and master cylinder bell crank. Discard brake rod INSTALLATION Install Forward Control Brake Pedal and Footrest Assemblies 1. See Figure 5 and Figure 6. At the lower front of the right frame downtube, remove the two screws securing the J- clip (B) to the frame. Discard the screws but save J-clip for installation. 2. Install the other end of the brake rod into the brake pedal assembly (8). Tighten to 84-144 in-lbs (9.5-16.3 Nm) . NOTE Assemble the brake pedal and footpeg clevis onto the footrest support bracket (as described in the next step) prior to mounting the support bracket to the frame. This will allow easier installation of the footrest mount clevis retaining ring (installed to grooved end of footrest mount clevis). 3. Slide the brake pedal (8) onto footrest mount clevis (11) then slide clevis into footrest/brake pedal support bracket (9). Align hole in the clevis with hole in the support bracket and install screw (6). Tighten the screw to 18-22 ft-lbs (24.4-29.9 Nm) . 4. Install the footrest mount clevis retaining ring (18) to the groove at the end of the footpeg clevis. 5. Position the J-clip (from Step 1) against the frame aligning the mounting holes. Mount the footrest/brake pedal support bracket (9) and J-clip to frame using the new screws (3). Tighten the bracket to 45-50 ft-lbs (61.1- 67.9 Nm) . 6. Obtain the brake rod (15) from kit and thread one end into the master cylinder bell crank. Tighten to 120-180 in-lbs (13.6-20.3 Nm) . 7. Install footpeg on clevis with spring washer (2). Make sure spring washer is positioned inside clevis (11) with the square edge toward the inside. Align holes and push clevis pin (7) from top down through hole in clevis. Secure clevis pin using the new retaining ring (17). 8. Install exhaust following the instructions in the appropriate Service Manual. Install Forward Control Shift Lever Assembly

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