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LEFT (SHIFTER) SIDE 1. Remove stock footrest assembly and save footrest for reinstallation. Replace existing sockethead capscrews that attached footrest bracket to primary cover with washers (5) and shorter screws (21) from kit. 2. Remove stock shift lever and save shifter peg and mounting screw. 3. See Figure 1. Remove left side stock motor mount and save nuts, washers, and P-clamp for clutch cable. The bolts will be replaced. 4. Put Loctite 243 on threads of left side foot control support (15) and thread support into left side machine motor mount (11). Install C-clip (8) onto support where it exits the backside of machine motor mount to hold support in place. 5. Install left side motor mount assembly in place of stock motor mount using washers and nuts saved from step 3, and bolts (22 and 23) from kit. Tighten bolts to 25-30 ft-lbs (41-47 Nm). Make sure to reinstall the P-clamp and clutch cable in the same hole location they were removed from in step 3. 6. Install shift lever (14) from kit using stock fastener. 7. Put Loctite 243 on threads of clevis mounting screw (4) and install shift lever pedal (13), clevis (17), and footrest (stock), as shown. To install footrest, place a spring washer (19), along with the mount end of the footpeg, inside the slots of the clevis. Make sure the spring washer is positioned inside the clevis with the square edge towards the inside as shown in Figure 3. Secure footpeg and spring washer with bolt (2) and locknut (7). Tighten locknuts to 19 ft-lbs (26 Nm)

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