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Remove turn signals. Observe and mark “left” and “right” for reinstallation. h Turn signal bracket may be oriented forward or backward as required. 4. Install turn signal bracket between license plate and license plate bracket using 1/4”- 20 x 3/4” Hex cap screw, 1/4” SAE flat washers, and 1/4” – 20 locknuts. Note: For Bullet style turn signal light models refer to fig. 3, disassemble and discard turn signal extension and insert 8 x 22 x 5mm black plastic spacer in place of the extension. 5. Mount turn signals directly to bracket using 5/16” – 24 x 3/4” hex cap screws with 5/16” lock washers and 5/16” flat-washers. If original wire was inside stalk, remove plug and reroute wires to outside. For a clean installation remove top center mounting bolt on license plate bracket and run wires through this hole. h Information: Not all license plate mounts are grounded. In some cases, it may be necessary to run a ground wire to turn signal bracket. h WARNING: Some states may have minimum width requirements on motorcycle turn signals, so check your local laws. 6. Turn signal wires must be extended. We recommend splicing inside turn signal housing. Splice wires, one at a time, while observing color code. 7. Connect battery and test turn signals for function. SADDLEBAG INSTALLATION h Information: Bags will be easier to mount and remove if a small amount of silicone lubrication is applied to rubber mounting points.
Leatherlyke Refer to Figure 2. 9. Remove rear fender mounting bolt on each side and replace original bolt with the two 5/16” x 2 1/4” socket head bolts and 5/16” mounting spools with chamfer on spool under socket head bolt. Install 5/16” – 18 locknuts on inside of fender. Verify that adequate clearance exists between the ends of the bolts and tire. 10. Remove upper shock bolt and replace with (2) – 1/2″ x 1″ FLAT WASHERS and 1/2″ x 2 1/8″ hex spool & bolt assy.

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