Harley-Davidson Standard Seat Installation Instructions


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Step 1 – Remove the original seat and place it bottom side up next to your new custom replacement seat. Step 2 – Remove each bracket from your original seat and install it in the corresponding location on your new seat, using the 1/4-20 bolts provided. Place the new bolts through the brackets and into the threaded jacknuts in the new seat bottom. Repeat until all hardware is transferred. Step 3 – Check all fasteners for tightness, 10-15 ft/lbs is recommended, do not over-tighten. Step 4 – Remove rubber bumpers from your original seat and move them to your new custom seat. In some instances we have already installed bumpers that are needed, but some models require the special specific bumpers from your original seat for proper tolerance and fit. The stock bumpers are easily removed by twisting and pulling at the same time. Reinstallation requires drilling a hole of the same diameter as the original into the new seat pan. Rubber bumpers are most easily installed using either water or silicone spray as a lubricant.
Step 5 – Reinstall the seat on the motorcycle. Check to make sure the seat fits properly. The new seat will be more firm than the original seat and will break-in over time to provide greater comfort. During the break-in, the seat will also settle-in, or lower, about ½ to one inch. Older seats may seem substantially lower because of the worn-out, compressed foam that has deteriorated with time on your original seat

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