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REMOVAL 1. See Figure 1. Remove existing passenger footpegs or footboards, brackets and mounting hardware. 1 4 3 2 is04325 1. Screw and washer 2. Bracket 3. Footpeg mount 4. Footpeg pad and bottom Figure 1. Passenger Footpeg Components (FLHX) INSTALLATION NOTES • If necessary, remove any paint from counterbore holes of footboard brackets to ease the installation of the pivot pins. • On 2010 and Later Models: The installation height can be adjusted to one of three positions. To install footboards in a new position, remove plastic plugs from holes in rear swingarm bracket as necessary. • On 2009 and Earlier Models: The lowest of the four holes on the frame is not threaded and cannot be used to mount the footboards. 1. See Figure 2. Insert shoulder bolt (9) or (10) through slot in footboard bracket (1). a. 2010 and Later Models: Thread the 5/16 inch shoulder bolt (9) into the lowest hole in the rear swingarm bracket of the frame. b. 2009 and Earlier Models: Thread the 3/8 inch shoulder bolt (10) into the second lowest hole in the rear swingarm bracket of the frame. Tighten the bolts to 48-72 in-lbs (5-8 Nm.) . 2. At the desired height, install the upper screw (2) and lockwasher (3) through footboard bracket (1). Tighten screw to 36-42 ft-lb (49-56 Nm) . 3. Install spring (4) into retaining hole in footboard bracket. Set the ball (5) on top of spring. 4. Position the detent in the bottom of the footboard pan (8 or 12) over ball in footboard bracket. Be sure not to unseat the ball. Press down on footboard pan so the holes of the footboard pan and footboard bracket align. 5. Insert pivot pins (7) through two mounting holes on footboard bracket and into footboard pan. 6. Align footboard insert (6 or 11) in footboard pan. Press insert firmly until the footboard pan tabs are firmly seated in the footboard insert. 7. Fold footboard up and install set screw (13) to secure footboard pad. 8. Pivot footboard assembly up and down to verify proper operation. 9. Repeat all steps for opposite side

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