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Installation NOTE This power source can be mounted on either side cover of the motorcycle, except on models with cruise control, which must have the power source mounted on the right side cover. 1. Remove seat and the side cover chosen for installation (see note above). 1 WARNING To avoid accidental start-up of motorcycle, and possible personal injury, disconnect the battery cables (negative cable first) before performing any of the following procedures. If the positive cable should contact ground with the negative cable installed, the resulting sparks may cause a battery explosion resulting in personal injury. 2. Disconnect battery, negative cable first. 3. See Figure 1. A 7/8 inch diameter hole needs to be drilled in the top of the side cover to mount the power source. It is important that the hole is properly located as follows, before cutting : a. Cut out template on page 3. Line the template up on the outside top of the cover using the top and rear cover edges as guides as shown in the illustration. Tape the template in place. b. After the template is in place, locate the appropriate hole on the template that matches the applicable year and side cover. Check to be sure that the entire hole area is on the flat top surface of the cover. No part of the hole should extend onto the sharply curved edge of the cover. 4. Carefully drill a 7/8 inch diameter hole at the location marked on the template. Drill from the outside of the cover to the inside. 5. See Figure 2. Unscrew outer sleeve of socket assembly (1) from socket body. Place the socket body into the cover hole and secure the socket in place by screwing

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