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REMOVAL NOTES Refer to the service manual for more information on these generalized steps. Save all removed parts (unless otherwise noted) for installation of this kit or for motorcycle operation without the sidecar. 1. For TLE-Ultra Models: Remove both lower fairings. 2. Remove the bolt and lockwasher securing the right passenger footrest bracket and remove the bracket with footrest. 3. Remove the three right side exhaust heat shields. Some models may require removal of the right side exhaust pipes. 4. Remove stock clutch cable. 5. Remove rear master cylinder/rear brake pedal assembly. Remove rear brake pedal from master cylinder assembly. Remove and save rubber pedal pad and brake pedal. Discard cotter pin. 6. Cut the cable straps holding front oxygen sensor connector to frame bracket. 7. Remove wire harness/brake line clip from right lower frame tube. INSTALLATION New Clutch Cable Installation 1. Refer to the service manual and follow instructions to remove stock clutch cable. 2. Refer to the service manual and follow instructions to connect the new clutch cable to clutch hand lever. 3. For FLHT/C/CU: Follow the instructions in the service manual to route new clutch cable through fairing. 4. For FLHR/C Models: Capture the cable in a clamp at the left upper passing lamp bolt. On FLTR models, capture the cable in a clamp at the left upper bolt securing the speedometer and tachometer housing to the upper fork bracket. These locations are identical with stock cable routing. 5. See Figure 1. Route clutch cable down along left frame downtube (1). 6. Continue to route cable down between left front engine isolator and crankcase. Clutch cable will cross to the right side of motorcycle beneath the crankcase, to the clutch release cover on the right side of the transmission. 7. Install clutch cable fitting into clutch release cover. Refer to the service manual. NOTES The final positioning and attachment of the clutch cable and clutch cable adjustment will be performed after sidecar mounts have been installed. Verify that the clutch cable and the rear brake line do not make contact. Damage could result. 1 2 3 is05785 1. Downtube 2. Clutch cable 3. Route clutch cable behind left front engine iso- lator Figure 1. Route Clutch Cable Relocating Oil Pressure Sending Unit NOTES Perform this procedure on all models equipped with an oil pressure gauge or Police models. All other models proceed to “Master Cylinder Assembly/Rear Brake Pedal Modification.” 1. Remove cable strap securing oil pressure wire harness to frame. 2. Locate the latch on connector to oil pressure sender (next to lower right frame downtube). Raise latch on connector and disconnect connector from oil pressure sender. 3. Remove the oil pressure sender using a 1-1/16 inch open- end crowfoot wrench. 4. See Figure 16. Coat threads of elbow (44) with Loctite 565 and install into crankcase oil pressure sender threads. 5. See Figure 2. Install elbow (1) until snug so open end is in the five-o’clock position (2). Do not over-tighten or crankcase may be damaged. 6. Coat threads of oil pressure sender with Loctite 565 and install into 90 degree brass elbow. Use a 1-1/16 inch open- end crowfoot and tighten to 96-120 in-lbs (11-14 Nm) . 7. Install connector on oil pressure sender unit. Verify that slight clearance to the right engine isolators is present. Adjust position of elbow as required to provide clearance

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