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INSTALLATION 1. Remove the rubber mat from the bottom of the Tour-Pak. 2. See Figure 1 and Table 1 to determine the proper hole configuration to attach the Tour-Pak to your luggage rack. Holes will be drilled as explained in Step 3 in the hole location for your luggage rack. Table 1. Luggage Rack and Hole Configurations Hole Configura- tion Luggage Rack C (3 holes) Stock 1997 B (4 holes) Detachable luggage rack 53107-96 A (5 holes) Luggage rack 53118-97A and luggage rack 53118-98 A (5 holes) Stock 1998 and later racks A (5 holes) Detachable Tour-Pak rack 53276-04 B (4 holes) Solo detachable Tour-Pak rack 53655-04 B (4 holes) Detachable Tour-Pak rack 53066-00B B (4 holes) Solo detachable Tour-Pak rack 53559-04A A (5 holes) Solo detachable Tour-Pak rack 53260-02 -J03631 1 of 3 B 1 A C 2 2 2 is00163 1. Front of motorcycle 2. Bottom view of Tour-Pak interior (rubber mat removed) Figure 1. Hole configurations for Tour-Pak attachment NOTE Drilling holes in Tour-Pak without wood underneath each hole site may result in the leather becoming damaged during the drilling process. 3. Place blocks of wood underneath the Tour-Pak where the holes will be drilled to prevent damage to the leather while drilling. Use the pre-drilled holes in the metal base as a guide and carefully drill the holes through the leather in the proper location using a 11/32 inch drill bit. 4. See Figure 2. For detachable luggage racks (53107- 96, 53066-00B and 53276-04): Install black cover tube to the front bar (1) of the luggage rack, as shown. This tube is used to provide a cleaner look. The black cover tube is not for use with other luggage racks. 5. Attach Tour-Pak to rack using the mounting screws provided in the Luggage Rack kit. Put bolt through from inside of Tour-Pak. Tighten screws to specifications found in the Luggage Rack kit. 6. Place the black rubber mat on the bottom of the Tour-Pak. 7. If luggage rack was removed, reattach to motorcycle according to kit instructions or Service Manual instructions

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