Harley Davidson Touring Bikes 2009 Installation Manual


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LegUp has developed a new, stronger attachment system which replaces the Harley-Davidson┬« center stand previously included in the kit! You will need to remove most all of the exhaust system, in order to install the support stand. Remove the right front floorboard the entire right exhaust pipe, and the left rear floorboard. These need to be removed to allow access to the swing arm pillow block lower bolts, which attach the support stand to the motorcycle. Leg Support Stand If you haven’t already done so, install the uprights (Blue above) to the plate. These uprights bolt to the plate on the bottom with (4) 3/8″ bolts and lock washers. The taller upright goes on the right side of the plate (the far side in this picture). Remove the bottom bolts from the swing arm pillow blocks and set them aside. The right one may have a cap rather than a bolt. These bolts are the ones under the big chrome circles where the swing arm meets the frame. Once this is done, use a helper and gently slide the plate (red above) under the bike. It gets located under the transmission, and below the cross-brace that has two large holes in it. Lift the stand until the holes in the uprights align with the holes in the pillow block. Re-install the pillow block bolts, but leave them loose. Find the 3/8″ Strap (green above) and the (2) 5/16″ bolts and lock washers. Place the strap above the cross-brace that is under the transmission, and align one of the bolts (the bolts go through the non-threaded holes in the plate) with the threaded hole in the strap, through the cross-brace. Just start the first bolt, and then repeat the process on the other side

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