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INSTALLATION 1. Refer to the Service Manual and follow the instructions given to remove the seat. Perform this installation when the engine is cool. Working on or near the exhaust system when the engine is hot could result in severe burns. (00311a) Installation of any accessory suspension components can affect cornering clearance. This could distract the rider, causing loss of control and death or serious injury. (00431b) 2. Disconnect the battery cables, negative cable first or remove the main fuse if equipped. 3. Raise the rear end of the motorcycle so that the rear wheel is just off the ground. Support the motorcycle with suitable blocking under the frame. NOTE Retain the original fasteners for installation of new shocks. 4. Remove the saddlebags from the motorcycle. See the Touring model’s Owner’s Manual for saddlebag removal. 5. Fasten the air pump, part number 54630-03A to the rear air suspension adjustment valve on the motorcycle. See the Touring model’s owner’s manual for valve location. Add 3-5 psi to clear the line but do NOT exceed 50 psi. 6. Using the pressure relief valve located below the gauge on the pump, release the air pressure from the rear sus- pension. Use caution when bleeding air from the suspension. Moisture combined with lubricant may leak onto the rear wheel, tire and/or brake components and adversely affect traction, which could result in death or serious injury. (00084a) 7. See Figure 1 and Figure 2. Remove the air hoses from the shock absorber air hose fittings

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