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1. Remove both saddlebags and set them aside. 2. Loosen the bolt from the pinch clamp on the front end of each muffl er. 3. Working with one muffl er at a time, support the muffl er (assistance may be required) while removing the 5/16″ bolts from the saddlebag support and slide muffl er off of the head pipe. 4. Repeat the process for the opposite muffl er. NOTE: It may be necessary to use a penetrating lubricant to loosen the muffl er from the head pipe 1. Install the band clamps (supplied) over the front of each muffl er so that the bolt is to the inside and the nut is facing down (Figure 1). NOTE: New band clamps are supplied, do not use the old clamps. 2. Install muffl er by sliding it on to the head pipe and bolting it to the saddlebag support using the stock 5/16″ bolts. 3. Repeat installation procedure for opposite muffl er. 4. Align muffl ers and tighten hardware, beginning with the 5/16″ bolts on the mounting brackets followed by the Torca band clamp. Torque spec. is 40-45 Ft./Lbs. 5. Replace the saddlebags. 6. After installation and before starting motorcycle, completely clean pipes and muffl ers with cleaning solvent and a clean, soft cloth that will not leave a residue. NOTE: Any residue, oil, or fi ngerprints will stain the chrome when the metal heats up. 7. Be sure to tighten all hardware before starting your motorcycle

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