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INSTALLATION To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove main fuse before proceeding. (00251b) 1. Remove main fuse. Refer to service manual for location. 2. Remove seat using service manual instructions. 3. Remove rear tail light using service manual instructions. 4. Remove rear turn signals using service manual instruc- tions. 5. See Figure 1. Clip the cable strap (1) to free the rear harness from the chassis seat pan. 6. Unplug the 8-place connector (2) from the rear harness connector. 1 2 is05510 1. Cable strap 2. Harness connector Figure 1. Rear wire harness 1 2 4 3 is05511 1. Screws 2. Fender cover 3. Frame rail 4. Mounting bracket Figure 2. Remove Fender NOTE The fender support covers do not have to be removed from the upper shock absorber bolts. 7. See Figure 2. Remove the two rear fender support cover screws (1) and remove covers (2) and fender mounting -J04721 bracket (4). Repeat for opposite side and carefully remo ve fender and place it on a non-scratch surface. 8. See Figure 3. Clip and remove two cable straps (1). Pull wire harness three inches towards the license plate bracket. 9. Remove flange nuts (2) from both sides of license/tail light bracket stud plates (3) and remove bracket. Save stud plates and flange nuts. 1 3 2 is05517 1. Cable straps 2. Flange nuts 3. Stud plates Figure 3. Rear Harness Cable Straps, Flange Nuts and Stud Plates 10. Install new license/tail light bracket using stud plates and flange nuts previously removed. Tighten nuts to 5-6 ft-lbs (6.8-8.1 Nm) . 11. See Figure 2. Install rear fender by installing two screws (1) on each side through the fender support covers (2), frame rails (3) and into the fender mounting brackets (4). Tighten to 12-18 ft-lbs (16.3-24.4 Nm) 12. See Figure 1. Connect rear harness connector to 8-place connector on main harness. 13. Use a large cable tie strap from kit to secure the rear harness to seat pan. 14. Install rear turn signal lights using service manual instructions. 15. Verify that there is no excess wire harness near the stud plate then secure the harness with a large cable strap where the straps were previously removed. 16. See Figure 4. Secure the turn signal harness (3) to the stud plate (1) using small cable strap (2) and route the turn signal wire through the tail light bracket clip (4) as shown.

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