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INSTALLATION Prepare the Motorcycle 1. Remove the right cover and the maxi-fuse. 2. Follow Service Manual instructions to remove the air box cover. To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect negative (-) battery cable before proceeding. (00048a) 3. Follow Service Manual instructions given to remove the negative (-) battery cable from the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the Existing Rear Turn Signals 1. See Figure 1. Insert a screwdriver into middle of hole of license plate light cover. Push forward to release tail lamp housing retaining clip. 2. See Figure 2. Identify the white left [19] (1) and black right [18] (2) 2 pin turn signal connectors. is 00231 Figure 1. Tail Lamp Housing 2 1 is00232 1. Left turn signal connector [19] (white) 2. Right turn signal connector [18] (black) Figure 2. Rear Turn Signal Connectors 3. See Figure 3. Press the button (1) and separate the pin terminal housing from the socket terminal housing. -J03601 1 4. On the socket terminal housing, press the latch (2) aside and open the secondary lock (3). 5. To release the socket terminal and wire, insert a pin (6) into the front socket cavity. Compress the tang (4) while gently pulling the wire and socket terminal (5) from the back. 6. See Figure 4. Inside the fender, remove the fasteners (1) and the turn signal support plate (2). Pull the turn signal wiring through holes in license plate mounting bracket (3) and remove turn signals. 7. Repeat for the opposite turn signal. Install Chrome Rear Turn Signals 1. See Figure 5. Assemble a chrome turn signal assembly (1) to a chrome lamp support (2) by feeding the wire leads through the wire hole in the lamp support. 2. Feed the wire leads and conduit through the front hole in the license plate bracket and through hole in the support plate (4) towards the front of the motorcycle. 3. Thread the bolt (3) through the center hole in the support plate, through the center hole in the license plate bracket, and through the hole in the chrome lamp support into the chrome turn signal. 4. Tighten the bolt to 100-150 in-lbs (11.3-16.9 Nm). 5. Route the turn signal wires between the license plate bracket and the inner fender. Access the wires through the tail lamp opening in the outer fender. 6. See Table 1. Identify the left and right connector socket housings and match the socket terminated colored leads to the cavities in the socket housing which correspond to the colored leads in the pin housing

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