HARLEY DAVIDSON V-ROD Fi2000 Fuel Injection Module Installation Manual


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1. Flip up seat, to gain access to radiator reservoir area. 2. Remove Dzus fastener to remove simulated fuel tank cover, over airbox housing. Depending on which model V-Rod is being worked on, the front shrouds covering the upper front frame section may also need to be removed. 3. Place Fi2000 in under-seat area, run fuel injector connector harness up right side frame rail between top right frame rail, and radiator overflow tank, see Figure 1. At the rear of the airbox, route the harness below the airbox, and downward next to the inner radiator hose. Unplug both stock fuel injector connectors, on the front and rear injectors between the engine cylinders, see Figure 2. These are disconnected, by depressing the metal springs that are on the end of each female connector. The stock female connectors are marked “F” and “R”, noting which connector goes to the front and rear injector, be sure to pay attention to this. Now connect the longer male Fi2000 connector to the front female H.D. connector. Plug shorter Fi2000 male connector into the stock rear female H.D. connector. Then plug the longer female Cobra connector onto the front stock H.D. injector. Plug the shorter Fi2000 female connector onto the rear injector. Each injector connector pair should rest underneath each respective injector. 4. It is now time to install the oxygen sensor eliminator modules. This product is designed to eliminate the “check engine” light from coming on when the stock oxygen sensors are disconnected on Harley Davidson Motorcycles utilizing fuel injection. The motorcycle has a full “open loop” fuel injection map written in its ECU and the motorcycle reverts to this default map after the oxygen sensors have been removed or just disconnected. 5. Locate the rear oxygen sensor and follow the harness up to the under-seat area behind the radiator overflow tank. Pull the stock connectors up from below the overflow tank and disconnect, see Figure 1. Plug one of the supplied Oxygen sensor eliminators on to the stock male connector. Tuck the connectors back underneath the bracket behind the radiator overflow tank. 6. Now locate the front oxygen sensor on the front headpipe, and trace the oxygen sensor harness back to the connectors tucked between the left front frame rail and plastic radiator shroud, see Figure 3. Pull these connectors out, and disconnect them. Plug the remaining supplied oxygen sensor eliminator on to the stock male connector. Tuck the connectors back in between the frame rail and plastic shroud

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