Harley Davidson V Rod turbocharger installation Introduction


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The following procedures should be followed in the order they are listed to avoid extra work. The installation should take 8-10 hours. The tools you will need are standard hand tools. Included in the kit are all necessary drills and taps needed for the installation. Footnotes are provided to help with additional problems you might encounter. *Custom Performance has designed this turbocharger kit to provide usable, dependable horsepower for many trouble free miles. It was intended to make 8 lbs of boost on 91 or higher octane fuel. At this level the bike should make @ 160 horsepower. The MAP included on the CD and website is for this level of performance. If the customer chooses to increase the boost level, the fuel system will have to be remapped and other modifications may be needed to supply enough fuel for higher levels of performance. Also engine modifications may be needed to support higher levels of horsepower. Custom Performance does not recommend raising boost levels beyond the kit-preset levels unless you make the proper modifications. Expensive engine damage may result if these warning are not observed. With that said lets get started. *There are color pictures of the various steps and extra pictures for reference. Look them over as they will help show what each step will look like. There is a fuel and ignition MAP for the Harley race tuner that will be loaded after the installation but before you start the bike. The map is for 8 lbs of boost, which is what we recommend. If you increase boost level above the kit settings, the bike will need to be remapped to insure the engine doesn’t run dangerously lean, resulting in engine damage.

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