Harley Davidson V-Rods Wide Wheel Kit Installation Instructions


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This instruction sheet is written with the assumption you will be replacing stock components. If the bike is already modified, some of the steps may be different. To install the PM PhatRod Kit it will be necessary to raise the motorcycle off the ground on a suitable lift. Installation of the PM PhatRod Kit begins with the disassembly and removal of the entire rear end of the bike. For additional detailed information on removal of these parts, consult your factory manual. Some of the original hardware will be reused, do not discard until complete. 1) Remove Seat (both front and rear sections) 2) Remove Turn Signal Canceling Module and Bracket. 3) Remove Outer Fender (remove all 6 bolts from top of fender and save hardware) 4) Disconnect taillight harness from lights (do not remove at this point) 5) Remove shocks (save the mounting nuts and washers from the top of shocks only). 6) Remove shocks and forward most bolts from inside of fender/struts 7) The entire inner fender/struts/taillight assembly should come off at this point. See Photo 4 8) Remove front splash guard Be sure to center the motorcycle on the lift so that it does not fall over when you raise it up or when you are working on it Disconnect the battery. Stock Component Removal W a r n i n g Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 3

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