Harley-Davidson Valves, Guides And Seats Installation


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1: Clean carbon from old guide O.D. before removal. 2: Guide to head press fit .0015″ / .002″ (head smaller than guide). 3: Heat head to approximately 200° – 250° F. 4: Install the guide at room temperature (Head hot & Guide at room temperature). 5: Let head cool to room temperature before final sizing of the bore. 6: Determine desired clearance valve to guide. Recommended clearance Shovel Head with cast iron guides Intake .001″ – .0015″ Exhaust .0015″ – .002″ (Ampco-45 add .001″) 7: Select the correct plug gage by adding the valve stem diameter and clearance desired for the finish diameter. 8: Select a plug gage .0005″ under finish size for the other end of the handle. 9: Finish hone the bore to size, check the size as you hone with the -.0005″ under size pin gage, finish hone to size with the finish plug gage pin. 10: Cut or Grind the seats, lap the valves to seats and check valve seat concentricity before assembling valve springs. 11: Use a good assembly lube, S’NS works great. 12: Use valve stem seals. Factory OE seals will stay tight with guide top size +.005″ to -.015″ from published size. 13: After the head is assembled and still on the bench check for any leakage valve to seat

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