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INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 1. From the kit, obtain the left side fairing lower (1), left side fairing lower cap (2), two flange locking nuts (3) and two stud clips (4). Place fairing lower cap in front of the left side engine guard and left side fairing lower behind engine fairing guard. With both pieces in place around engine guard, install the two flange locking nuts onto the studs clips and hand tighten. Repeat procedure for right side fairing lower. 2. Secure bottom of fairing lower to lower engine guard with round clamp (5) from hardware kit. Position clamp around engine guard with tabs toward rear of vehicle and flat side of clamp against fairing lower and with the rubber washer (6) between clamp and engine guard. Place Torx pan screw (7) through fairing lower, rubber washer and clamp. Secure assembly with flanged locknut (8). Repeat for right side fairing lower. Tighten to 144 in-lbs (16.3 Nm). 3. Tighten all left and right side upper flange locking nuts (3) to 72 in-lbs (8.1 Nm). 4. Install left side door assembly glovebox (9) to fairing lower using the attachment cord (10). Insert glovebox door into fairing lower. Repeat for right side fairing lower. NOTE Do not press reflector firmly into place until you have it positioned in desired location. The adhesive is very strong and once it comes in contact with a surface, it will be difficult to remove without damaging the reflector. 5. Peel adhesive strip off back of reflector from kit. Position reflector on side of front fender above chrome side trim strip and approximately 4 inches rearward from front of fender. Press reflector securely into place. Repeat for opposite side reflector

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