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INSTALLATION Installing Seat and Pillion Kits: 51584-01, 52028-02, 52036-01, 53432-02, or 52927-05 NOTE Proper installation of 53432-02 (Sundowner) and 52927-05 (Tallboy) requires installation of Fender Base Plate Kit 51120- 01 1. Refer to the appropriate Service Manual and remove the stock seat and pillion. 2. See Figure 2. Remove the two mounting bolts (2) from the passenger grabstrap (1). Save the bolts for re-installa- tion. NOTE The grabstrap must loop toward the rear. Check that the “Harley-Davidson” text on the grabstrap can be read from the front of the vehicle. 3. See Figure 2. Install stock grabstrap bolt, and one end of grabstrap as shown. While holding the grabstrap end parallel to the formed line of the fender, tighten the bolt to 8-12 Nm (71-106 in-lb ) . Repeat for opposite end of grabstrap. NOTES The new pillions included in Kits 52028-02 (Custom), 52036- 02 (Badlander) and 51584-01 (Leather Badlander) are installed from front-to-back. The pillion included in Kits 53432-02 (Sundowner) and 52927- 05 (Tallboy) must be installed through the grabstrap from back- to-front. To install the Sundowner or Tallboy Pillion on a motorcycle having a sissybar upright installed on Fender Base Plate Kit 51120-01, remove the upright before installing the pillion. Reinstall the upright after the Sundowner Pillion is installed. For kit numbers 52028-02 (Custom), 52036-01 (Vinyl Bad- lander) and 51584-01 (Leather Badlander) Seat Kits, be aware of the following: The 2003 Model Year 100th Anniversary VRSCA vehicle with two-tone sterling silver and vivid black paint has protective tape covering the rear under-the-seat area of the airbox cover. For the seats listed above, it will be necessary for cosmetic reasons, to carefully remove the protective tape and reapply it so it is in the correct position for these shorter-nose seats. Some trimming of the lower portion of the protective tape may be necessary to eliminate interference with the airbox cover latch. If necessary, reorder protective tape (48403-03). 4. Install new pillion into position through grabstrap. Prevent pinching TSSM control wiring by routing the cable through the channel on the underside of the pillion (see Figure 2) and away from the pillion mounting bolt. Pinched wiring may damage the TSSM system. 1 3 2 is00014 1. Pillion 2. Grabstrap 3. Pillion base mounting hole Figure 3. Pillion Base Mounting Hole 5. See Figure 3. Push the pillion (1) forward through the grabstrap (2) until the pillion mounting hole is approximately 25 mm (1 in.) forward of the hole (3) in the frame. 6. See Figure 2. Push down on the pillion and slide the pillion toward the rear to engage the pillion slot with the fender tongue (5). Push rearward until the pillion mounting holes align. After installing pillion, pull upward to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a loose pillion can shift causing loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00387a) 7. Install original pillion mounting bolt. Tighten bolt to 11-14 Nm (97-124 in-lb ) . 8. Re-install the sissybar upright, if removed earlier. 9. Position the seat (as if opened) onto the frame. Slide the seat forward to insert the seat-hinge pins into the bushings on the frame. 10. See Figure 1. Clip the plastic seat-hinge sleeve (2) over the seat hinge. 11. See Figure 1. Insert the seat tether (3) into the hole in the motorcycle frame. 12. Refer to the applicable Owner’s Manual and close the seat. Installing Seat Kits: 51595-05, 52024-01, or 51647-06 Kit 51595-05 requires the use of pillion kit 51594-05. Kit 51647-06 requires the use of pillion kit 51648-06. Kit 52024-01 requires the use of either the stock pillion or Touring Pillion 52023-01A. 1. Refer to the appropriate Service Manual and remove the stock seat.

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