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This kit fits 2002 and later VRSC model motorcycles. Kit Contents There are no Service Parts available with this kit. INSTALLATION 1. Using a suitable lift, support the vehicle beneath the frame until the rear tire is just slightly off the ground. 2. See Figure 1. Remove the right side upper shock mounting bolt (2) and spacer (4). Retain the shock mounting nut (not shown) which passes through the fender support and side rail assembly. 3. Pivot the shock towards the vertical position. 4. Remove the left side lower shock mounting bolt (1) and washer (5). 5. Pivot the shock towards the horizontal position. 6. Insure that the shocks are clear of all components and carefully lower the vehicle to provide access to the right side lower shock bolt. 7. Support the right shock and remove the lower shock mounting bolt (1), washer (5) and nut (6). 8. Position the right side cover provided in the kit over the swingarm 9. Reposition the right side shock and re-install the lower shock mounting bolt (1) and washer (5) by inserting through the shock, cover and swingarm. Thread into nut (6) and tighten to 41-68 Nm (30-50 ft-lbs)

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