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REMOVAL Remove Pillion and Rear Fender NOTE If possible, lift the rear of the motorcycle up so the rear wheel drops to the bottom of shock travel. This will help provide clearance between the rear tire and fender when installing the mounting brackets. 1. Open the rider seat. 2. See Figure 1. Remove rider seat post (1), nut (2), and washer (3) from passenger pillion. Slide grabstrap (4) forward off pillion. Save mounting hardware for kit installation. 3. Push passenger pillion forward to release slot on bottom of pillion from post on fender tongue. 4. See Figure 2. Lift pillion up to remove lanyard (1) from hole in center of passenger pillion (2). Then lift pillion away from motorcycle. 5. Disconnect turn signal and tail light electrical connections from back of rear electrical caddy. Note position for later installation. 6. See Figure 3. Unsnap rear electrical caddy (1) from rear inner fender. 7. Remove and save two fender support bolts (2), washers (3), and grabstrap (4) from rear fender. 1 2 3 4 is03548 1. Rider seat post 2. Nut 3. Washer 4. Grabstrap Figure 1. Passenger Pillion and Mounting 2 1 3 i03571 1. Seat lanyard 2. Hole in pillion 3. Passenger pillion Figure 2. Seat Lanyard and Passenger Pillion 8. Remove four remaining fender support bolts (2) and washers (3) near center of rear fender. 9. Remove rear fender from vehicle. 3 2 4 2 3 2 3 1 is03544 1. Rear electrical caddy 2. Fender support bolt (6) 3. Washer (6) 4. Grabstrap Figure 3. Grabstrap, Rear Electrical Caddy, and Fender INSTALLATION Install Attach/Release Weldment, Rear Fender, and Grabstrap NOTE Apply Loctite 243 (blue) to last four threads of leave-on bracket screws. 1. See Figure 4. Install leave-on bracket (1) to outside surface of inner fender using two button head screws (2) and nuts (3). Tighten screws to 48 Nm (35 ft-lbs). Repeat for opposite side. 2. See Figure 5. Install release/attach weldment (1) to leave- on brackets (2) using two washers (3) and socket head cap screws (4). Tighten screws to 25 Nm (18 ft-lbs). Repeat for opposite side.

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