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REMOVAL 1. Remove all hardware securing windshield. 2. Remove windshield. INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 1. Remove rubber trim strip from the original windshield and install on the replacement windshield. 2. Put the windshield into position. At each wellnut location use a scribe, or similar pointed tool, to make a pilot hole through the windshield tape where the mounting screw (4) goes into the wellnut (3). Install the mounting screws (4), with the nylon washers (5) and on 2004 models, the rubber washers (6) positioned as shown into the wellnuts (3). 3. Tighten mounting screws from the center to the outside edge on both sides. Tighten screws to 6-13 in-lbs (0.7- 1.5 Nm) . Well-nuts will expand to grip fairing CARE AND CLEANING NOTE Sunlight reflections off of the inside curvature of a windshield can, at certain times of the day, cause extreme heat build-up on motorcycle instruments. Exercise care in parking. Park facing the sun, place an opaque object over the instruments, or adjust the windshield to avoid reflections. Harley-Davidson windshields are made of Lexan. Lexan is a more durable and distortion-resistant material than other types of motorcycle windshield material, but still requires attention and care to maintain. Failure to maintain Lexan properly can result in damage to the windshield. (00230a) Do not use harsh chemicals including rain sheeting products on Harley-Davidson windshields. They can cause dulling or hazing. If you want to use a windshield protectant on your windshield, try Harley Glaze Polish and Sealant (00231a)

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