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This kit contains the following items: ITEMDESCRIPTION/ QUANTITY PART NO. 1 Stud, double ended, 5/16-18 (4) 3265A 2 Bushing (4) 67621-94 3 Acorn nut, keps, 5/16-18 (Chrome) (4) 7992 Installation 1. Using a T-40 TORX drive head, remove the upper left- side chrome button-head fork screw and chrome flat washer and discard. 2. See Figure 1. Obtain a double-ended stud (1) and chrome acorn nut (3) from the kit. Thread the nut onto the NON lock patch side of the stud and hand tighten. NOTE Position the clamp so the clutch cable is to the rear of the stud. 3. Slide the clutch cable clamp (4), along with the cable, into position on the stud as shown. Assemble a bushing (2) from the kit onto the stud threads. 4. Insert the lock patch side of the stud through the headlamp nacelle and into the upper fork bracket. Tighten the acorn nut and stud to 15-20 ft – lbs (20-27 Nm). 5. Continue, one at a time, replacing the three remaining chrome button-head fork screws and flat washers with the studs, bushings and chrome acorn nuts from the kit. Tighten to 15-20 ft – lbs (20-27 Nm)

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