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1. 1994-99 models: Remove upper shock absorber nut, washer, shock cover and backing washer. Save nut and washer and discard shock cover and backing washer. 2000-03 models: Remove upper shock bolt, washer and shock cover and save washer. NOTE: Do not remove stock inboard washer that is positioned behind shock cover and against shock absorber. 2. All models: Remove OEM buttonhead screw and flanged nut directly to the rear of the upper shock mount on fender support. Note T-spacer in fender support. Save nut and discard bolt. 3. 1994-99 models: Position saddlebag support (item 1) with front bracket over shock stud and rear mount over hole in fender support. Install ½ * bushing (Item 2) over shock stud and into hole of support front mount. Install saved OEM nut and washer (items 3,4) and tighten securely. 2000-03 models: Apply Locktite to the OEM shock screw (Item 5) and install through the saved washer (Item 6), front bracket of the saddlebag support (Item 1), shock and into the frame. Tighten to 21-35 ft. -lbs torque. NOTE: If installing supports with sissy bar side plates, omit 5/16 * lock washer (Item 8). H-D sissy bar side plate mounts between fender support and fender. Khrome Werks® sissy bar plate mounts outboard of fender support. CAUTION: Be careful to not dislodge T-spacer from its position in fender while inserting screw through fender support and fender. 4. Insert supplied socket head cap screw (Item 7) and lock washer (Item 8) (if applicable) through the rear saddlebag support mount, sissy bar side plate (if applicable) , fender with T-spacer and frame. Apply Loctite to the saved flanged nut and secure. Tighten to 8-13 ft-lbs torque.

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