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Kit Contents See Figure 2 and Table 1. There are no Service Parts available with this kit. INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 2. While standing behind the motorcycle, place the front rack notches (1) into the front docking points (2). NOTE Check alignment as shown in Figure 1. Failure to properly align the docking points and sideplates may result in damage to the rear docking points. 2. Pull the rotary latches (3) back into their rearmost position. Position the rear rotary latches over the rear docking points (6), ensuring the latches and sideplates (4) fit into the neck (5) of the rear docking points. This may require some gentle squeezing or spreading of the sideplates. NOTE The front and rear docking points must be fully engaged. If docking points are not fully engaged or docking kit is loose, it could shift position or come loose during operation. 3. Push down and close the rotary latches by pressing the latch lever (7) as far forward as it will go. You will hear a click when the latch is in place. If the latch does not easily close, do not force. Recheck alignment as described in Step 2. 4 4 3 2 2 1 1 1 2 is 00963 1. Right sideplate 2. Right front docking point 3. Correct: sideplate fully engaged in docking point 4. Incorrect: sideplate NOT fully engaged in docking point Figure 1. Sideplate Must Fit into Docking Point Correctly REMOVAL 1. See Figure 2. To remove the rack, press the release button (8), and pull the rotary latch lever back. Carefully lift the rear of the rack up and pull the rack out of the front docking points

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