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INSTALLATION Install Docking Point Kit Install the docking point kit following the instructions in that kit. Passenger Upright Installation 1. See Figure 1. Stand behind the motorcycle, and place (10) the front upright notches (2) into the front docking points (3). 2. See Figure 2. Check for correct notch engagement. NOTE Failure to correctly engage the sideplate notches to the docking points may result in damage to the rear docking points. 3. See Figure 1. Push (11) the rotary latches (4) into their most forward position. Align the latches over the rear docking points (7), making sure the latches and rear notches (6) fit into the neck (8) of the rear docking points. NOTE This may require some gentle squeezing or spreading of the upright sideplates. 4. Push downward (12) on the sideplates, and close the rotary latches by pulling (13) the latch levers as far back as they will go. A click will be heard when the latch is in place. If the latch does not close, do not force it. 2 12 3 7 4 1 5 9 10 5 7 8 6 4 13 11 is06182a 1. Upright 2. Front notch 3. Front docking point 4. Rotary latch 5. Release button 6. Rear notch 7. Rear docking point 8. Rear docking point neck 9. Fender support bracket 10. Place front notches into front docking points 11. Push latches forward 12. Lower rear notches onto rear docking points 13. Pull rearward to close latches Figure 1. Detachable Upright

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