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REAK-IN PERIOD The ProStart clutch requires a short break-in period. During the break-in period, the ProStart should not be operated at steady engine speeds above 3000 RPMs for more than 10 minutes. Breaking-in the ProStart clutch equires start and stop cycles. Riding the ProStart clutch in stop-and-go city traffic for one hour will provide sufficient break-in. If you would like to accelerate the break-in period, find an empty parking lot with ample room and no other traffic. From a stop, bring the motorcycle to 20 miles per hour and then back to a stop. Repeat this process at least 20 times. MAINTENANCE Proper maintenance is important to ensure the longevity of the Rekluse ProStart clutch and the rest of the stock clutch components in your Harley- Davidson Motorcycle. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper primary chaincase oil levels and oil type. Rekluse recommends the use of Harley- Davidson Primary Chaincase lubricant with the Rekluse ProStart clutch. Do not use oils designed for use as automotive engine oil in your Primary Chaincase. If Harley-Davidson Primary Chaincase lubricant is not readily available, a premium-quality Diesel engine oil, such as Shell Rotella T, that does not contain friction modifiers may be substituted. Inspection and adjustment of the Rekluse ProStart clutch should only be performed by a service center trained in Harley-Davidson and Rekluse ProStart repair and maintenance. The Rekluse ProStart clutch should be inspected for adjustment after 1,000 miles of operation. Thereafter, inspection for adjustment should be performed at 5,000 mile intervals

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